Monday, May 12, 2008

Egg Poaching: A Personal Specialty

I have seen and used a variety of egg poaching devices. Ultimately, the poached eggs I am happiest with are the ones that I cook the most simply. Using one small pan, a bath of very hot but not boiling water and splashes of aged balsamic vinegar. My simple step-by-step process follows.

Start with a small pan, about the size and shape of a crepe pan. Fill with water and bring to a rolling boil, preferably on gas. After it comes to a rolling boil, turn the heat down and wait til the water is barely without movement.

Add a couple splashes of aged balsamic. I use this because it both keeps the egg whites from feathering and adds a beautiful flavor, even without salt. Next, drop in your eggs gently. This morning I used two extra large organic free range brown eggs. I frivolously bought these at Whole Foods and they are beautiful specimens.

I like to let the white set before messing with the eggs. Then to get the top part cooked, you can either baste the top by tossing hot water over the top of the egg or you can gently flip the eggs using a wide slotted spoon.

Eggs cooked with balsamic do have a funny brown balsamic scuzz on them, but it is really delicious and goes nicely with any savory dish. These would be nice for eggs benedict, or for supper with a tossed green salad. I ate this egg on its own with a sprinkling of sea salt, as a remedy to my post Mother's Day eve hangover. They say simply cooked eggs are one of the best hangover remedies you can eat.

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