Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Hemingway's Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

When vacationing, there is nothing more that D enjoys than a late night cocktail and a cigar.

We discovered this lovely cigar lounge in Cabo called Hemingway's, where they have a lovely drinks menu, a massive and well stocked walk-in humidor, a large, festive patio and a tequila bar that in my experience in unrivaled.

All three nights we were in Cabo we visited Hemingway's. It wasn't just the cigars that drew us in. It was also the friendly staff and the complete absence of frat boy knuckleheads. Hemingway's closes early, to avoid the riff raff strolling in drunkenly. So if you want to sip a tequila and smoke a cubano, go before 10.

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