Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Saturday Evening at the Esperanza in Cabo San Lucas

On Saturday evening, we headed to Esperanza, one of the top luxury resorts, to check out the grounds and watch the sun set. This place had the security of Fort Knox. Our taxi was stopped at the front gates far from the top of the driveway (and by far, I mean about a mile and a half). Our names were requested to check against the guest list of the resort. When the guard discovered we were not guests we were durn close to turned away. We informed him we simply wanted to explore the property as part of planning our next trip to Cabo and wanted to walk the grounds a have a drink. The guard had to call and ask permission, write our names down and the name and licence plate of our driver. WHEW!

Now the Esperanza is an Auberge property, and at least from the short view I had, all that an Auberge property entails. We had a beautiful walk around the main common area and took in the view over the balcony. Far below lies The Restaurant, sitting on the edge of the world as the Pacific Ocean splashes salty sea spray on the far tables. This was so beautiful I took several identical photographs.

We made our way to El Bar, and brought our champagne to the fire pit.

We unknowingly sat next to Emmet Smith and his wife, who were immediately accosted and harassed by a woman from Ohio with bright green eye shadow and a matching dress. Eventually, Emmet's party moved to the bar so they could converse without the interloper commenting on their every word. They were amazingly gracious. I suppose one develops that skill as celebrity develops. Many pro-footballers were in town for Eli Manning's wedding. There were rumors of parties thrown by NFL players all around the town and all the single women who had been invited were giggling with glee.

At the airport, I saw Peyton Manning from afar and convinced myself that he is short. D walked by him nonchalantly to give me some perspective on Peyton's height, and he is indeed about 6'4" or so. Not short. This is D standing back to back with Peyton.

I live in Los Angeles, and star sightings are not few nor are they far between. Frankly, most celebrities hold little interest for me. A professional athlete, though? Now that is a superhero. A god or goddess among humans. For this I will allow my jaw to drop and my pulse to race, if just for a mid-western minute.

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