Thursday, May 15, 2008

Furiously Seasoning

No, this is not a food post. This is a shameless plug for a wonderful new band called the Furious Seasons. A small 3-piece at this point, although they are toying with adding a drummer. Their self titled CD has already won critical acclaim and a small following of fans.

A video for my personal favorite song, A Painful Filling below, was produced and directed by Ray Chang.

An acoustic session was filmed in the writer/singer/lead guitarist's house, with two videos and a short interview conducted by The Black Watch's John Frederick.

So Long Great City:

Put It Down:

The interview:

This is a shameless plug and a completely subjective and unabashed adoration of this new band because the second guitarist, Jeff, is my brother in law. The violinist, Ray, is my tennis coach. And the singer/song writer/lead guitar is none other than my dear husband.

Enjoy! (Or don't, whatever.)

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