Monday, August 4, 2008

5 More Nights in Bakerfield: Night #1

During this infinitely long summer of training, the waist band of all my pants and skirts are getting a little tighter. Unfortunately, this is not due to wonderful, exotic, interesting new kinds of food and different locales, or even a decent taco truck. This is all due to mediocre sandwiches, deep pit meat, and the array of cookies and cakes and pastries sent out to appease the trained. The trainee happens to be collateral damage. The trained are subject to all this thinly veiled junk food for one week. I am now starting week four.

So, my wonderful husband sent my off from Los Angeles with an ice chest full of healthy goodies. Good white wine, enough grapes to last a week or execute wine making in my hotel room, chicken sausages, cherries, ak-mak crackers and tztaziki. Yay!

Last night for supper I ordered from the "light and healthy" menu, a 300 calorie poached salmon with greens and roasted beets. The salmon was perfection, the greens were disastrously over-dressed, but the beets were superb. I was so exhausted that one small glass of wine sent me over the edge into sleep, blissful sleep.

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