Sunday, August 17, 2008

Disappointed at Comme Ça

I finally got to Comme Ça this weekend. I have been dying to go. DYING, I tell ya. But I was disappointed, which is unusual. I should have done better research. After failing to find out their hours on their home page:

I went to Yelp for the pertinent info:

Yup, breakfast, lunch and dinner, opening at 8 am and staying open all the way 'til midnight. Their home pages shows breakfast, lunch, dinner and brunch menus, and again I should have done my research to find out they only serve brunch until dinnertime on Saturdays. I am not a big bruncher. I don't love breakfast and most brunch menus are far more breakfasty than lunch. This was so at Comme Ça. Disappointing. I almost left. But, we were already seated, the room is gorgeous and inviting, we were ravenous, and they thoughtfully provided extra red silk cushions on the banquette which is great for short people like me who have a hard time reaching the table when sitting at a banquette.

I started with oysters, as usual whenever possible. These were Fanny Bay and Virginica east coast oysters. The wait person/actor told us both were from the east coast, which I know is wrong, but I don't really care. Both types were delicious, the presentation was lovely (I love some sea weed) and the mignonette was sharp and vinegarey.

I also love looking at barnacles. They are strange creatures.

With nothing much to order that resembled lunch, I ordered the angus burger. It was pretty delicious. Medium rare and cooked perfectly. Medium-rare. Even the mayonnaisey dressing the onions were mixed into was nice. Not a fan of the fries at Comme Ça. They were overcooked, IMO. D switched his nice little green salad for my fries. The lettuce was pretty wilted, but a better choice than the fries. Although the burger was well cooked, I can honestly say that the angus burger at McDonald's is better. Sue me, but the Comme Ça burger is nothing that special.

D ordered a Croque Madame. He had never had one, and it sounded delicious. Again, IMO, the Croque Madame was overcooked. The bread was too dark and the cheese was crispy all over and didn't have that nice meltiness I like with a Croque Madame.

A couple of other fun notes. My rosé was corked, and the waiter/actor handled it in a lovely, unquestioning way. Brought me a new glass post haste. The floor manager came over later to tell me he had tasted the corked glass, and it was indeed corked (really?) and apologized. This was a nice and unnecessary move. I have a pretty sensitive palate, and can always tell when a wine is corked, even if it is just in the beginning stages. But I appreciated the way this was handled. One floor manager at a wine bar in Los Feliz, that will remain nameless, had the audacity to argue with me. He told me that was simply the nature of the wine. Um, no. This did not fly. Point being, they handled the concern well at Comme Ça. In case you don't know, roughly 7-10% os all bottles of wine are corked, and this is never in any way the fault of a restaurant or vineyard.

Also, I wondered who the Asian woman in the corner was. She was receiving much respect and deference from the floor staff. At one point she told a bus person to fix a picture that was slightly tilted, he did so and turned to look at her for approval of his straightening. Her table also ordered several items from the menu, and when the quiche came, she bent her nose about an inch away from the quiche and took a long sniff. Fun to watch the machinations of the staff around her table.

I am interested to try Comme Ça again for dinner. The menu looks more up my alley, and I enjoyed both the service and the atmosphere.

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