Sunday, August 10, 2008

Location, Location, Location at Sur, West Hollywood

It is all about atmosphere this weekend during my less than 48 hours home from the SB-472 boot camps. We keep missing hanging out with our friends from Cabo, J & L, by a hair...several times this summer. We all finally got it together last night and met for dinner at Sur in West Hollywood. The menu is rather large and free of gourmet machinations. Simple food, cooked simply. Lots and lots of veggie side dishes to choose from. I like this concept. I do find menu advice is more believably offered from someone who has actually eaten more than rice cakes in the last 3 days. But out-of-work actresses still have to pay their rent, and checking out the beautiful braless stick figures is what Sur offers for tableside entertainment, so it was all good.

The simple food at Sur tasted good, and the company was even better. But what really struck me were the photo ops lurking around every corner and in every cubbyhole. I couldn't wait to see these on the big screen of my 2008 iMac.

Candles and icons, everywhere.

The tables are set beautifully. Shabby chic vases overflow with dahlias, rose petals dramatically litter the table.

I started with corn fritters. Serious comfort food for a serious hangover.

Very corny, these are worthy of not sharing.

D had fried calamari...not complicated, unique or even interesting, but they were cooked perfectly.

The sangria flowed freely.

J ordered the halibut.

L ate a steak with a small pasture of peas.

I am in the midst of a warm salad obsession. It is hard to take a good picture of a warm spinach salad. But it tastes so good, you have to trust me.

I love eating with people who don't mind that I compulsively document every morsel. And pretend not to notice when I am falling asleep at the table. Love ya, L & J! Cannot wait to see you again when the SB-472 dog days are over.

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