Sunday, August 17, 2008

Fast & Dirty Dinner at e3rd Steakhouse

e3rd Steakhouse is a sibling in the Zip Fusion family. There is actually a Zip Fusion Sushi two doors down on that awesome little angled strip of E 3rd Street just south east of Little Tokyo. There is also an inviting little wine bar, Blue Dhalia, in between the two.

I have been to e3rd Steakhouse one time previous, for an Obama rally generated within the Asian community of young hip folks. A very good friend of mine, R, is Chinese, hip and very much about town. He occasionally invites us to events that his friends have organized, and we are typically two of the very few non-Asian folk there. These events are always very classy, populated with well heeled and well groomed young people and have nothing of the Sky Bar/Sunset strip feel to their gatherings. People are incredibly friendly, polite and elegant in behavior. This Obama rally was not an exception. And that night e3rd was packed out.

Last night was quieter, but it was early. Being that there is a nightclub element to the restaurant, I am sure it gets busier later in the evening. By the time we left, nearly every table was taken and there were a few large parties.

The food was very good, and the prices are reasonable. The style is Pacific fusion, with overt Korean and Japanese influences. I ordered a small spicy tuna sashimi salad, with a tangy sesame dressing. Even the small size had lots of chunks of fresh red tuna, lots of tomatoes, crisp fresh lettuce, crispy apple slices and dry, savory sea weed.

I also ordered a side of kim chee mashed potatoes. Wow. Just wow.

For a started, J & L ordered the pepper crusted ahi tuna. It was lightly seared and drizzled with a miso orange vinaigrette. Lovely. I barely got in a picture before they inhaled it.

D & L ordered the grilled salmon, which came with choices of two sides. D had his with green beans, which were those long Chinese types green beans that I adore. He also ordered sauteed mushrooms. He said they were great.

J ordered the e3rd rib steak, marinated in pear and soy. So delicious my mouth is watering just thinking about it.

We came in for supper as their doors opened and they were still prepping the bar and kitchen for the night, so we got off to a slow start. Aside from that, service was good, food was very good and I am looking forward to going back again very soon.


Ore said...

Sounds like a cool place - thanks for the report!

Kristine said...

A HA! I found your kimchee smashed taters! :o) Thanks for the heads up.