Monday, November 10, 2008

Absinthe Night at Tapas and Wine Bar C: Happy Birthday Jaz!

Tapas & Wine Bar C
428 E 2nd St
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(213) 628-8877

The title of this post says it all.

Saturday night , the talented Yumi was experimenting with the methodology of the classic and much revered absinthe, now available in the US. The absinthe they were pouring is called Le Tourmant Vert, or the Green Torment.

Yumi was trying to figure out how to light the sugar cube without lighting the entire bar on fire. She got better at this as the night went on. I was her research assistant on my iPhone.

Acccording to The Wormwood Society, Le Tourment Vert is not a real absinthe. The louche, or whitening of the liquid when ice cold water is added is not sufficient enough to satisfy the true absinthe connoisseur.

She did figure it out, in the end. And many, many of these were knocked back by all company present that can stand the taste of licorice. Myself discluded. I did share a Galvatron with a stranger.


Zoe said...

Try St George absinthe, it's pretty good. No sugar cubes necessary! It'll have you ready to do footraces down the old runways at the Alameda Naval Base.

We should do the vodka tasting at Hangar One next time you're up here, it was fantastic.

Tyler said...

Le Tourment Vert is real absinthe. I had heard this rumor too after I had bought a bottle. I tried to find out some information (I did eventually) and it contains the holy trinity, the defining herbs of a true absinthe, grande wormwood, fennel and anise so I am glad I wasn't fooled by the misinformation on this site. Personally, although the flames look great, I prefer Le Tourment Vert in cocktails. The nice herbal flavors mix beautifully in a drink.

I trust my tastebuds before I trust someone elses and I am thinking after writing this I should have a cocktail before dinner mmmmmm nice thought that one.

Food, she thought. said...

Zoe, my would have to be some damn good absinthe to have me first drive to Alameda prior to sprinting around the naval runways! But I am always up for a challenge! And I love Hangar One!

Tyler: The Wormwood Society referred more to the quality of the louche than the actual ingredients. And from personal experience tasting (or watching tastings) during an extended absinthe experimentation on the part of a friend, the louche in Le Tourmant Vert was close to non-existent. All reports said that it tasted good and was fun to drink, and several people discussed cold sweaty foreheads!

Esteban said...

I had my first glass of absinthe not too long ago and was so eager to try it--then found it tasted like licorice (I hate licorice). It was one of life's most disappointing moments.

Food, she thought. said...

esteban: i second your hate of all things licorice. i did try some absinthe during the time a friend was going through a heavy absinthe phase, but somehow it inhibits the experience to drink whilst holding your nose.

eric said...

thanks for the information! It's hard to find places that serve absinthe. Do you know if they serve Le Tourment Vert...I wanna try it because all the celebs are drinking that brand!

Anonymous said...

What a Killer Drink!!!

Food, she thought. said...


Yes, Le Tourment Vert is the absinthe they are serving, hence the comments in the blog and the ensuing debate about its quality. I did see some shots of this absinthe at a celeb party recently. LOL.