Monday, June 29, 2009

Brunch at Dusty's Silverlake; No Wonder It's Slammed

Dusty's Bistro
3200 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90026
(323) 906-1018

The morning after a girls' evening on the porch drinking copious amounts of wine and watching the twinkling lights of downtown Los Angeles below us, we piled in the car and headed down the hill to Dusty's for some brunch. It was packed. I haven't been in ages because I am not a breakfast eater, and it never occurs to me to eat there for dinner. This experience is going to change that.

I'll start with what we drank because I know JH loves when I do this. Priorities and all, don't you know? Dusty's house mimosa is strawberry/OJ and champers. Um...delicious. Dee-lish-ouse. Don't have one. Have two. They are only $5. FIVE DOLLARS EACH!

Dusty's also offers a pomegranate mimosa, as well as OJ and a couple other juices. The pomegranate was great until I tasted the strawberry/OJ. Don't test it, do the house special to begin with.

Lovely and generous little bread basket with soft butter (thank you), marmalade and raspberry jam. This basket and a couple mimosas would make a beautiful Sunday breakfast on its own, but no.

They have to offer eggs benedict served over potato latkes with heaps of fresh fruit. Spetziel.

Latke eggs benedict comes with several meat choices including Canadian bacon, regular bacon (this is clearly not kosher), spinach or with smoked salmon (geshmak). I caved on the smoked salmon which made for a crazy delicious oy vey! kind of entree. My kishkas were gliklech.

The lovely K tried something a little different, but equally decadent. Stuffed French Toast with ricotta, strawberries and bananas. Again, with the generous fruit. Loves.

This was too sweet for me to eat as an entire meal, but I admit it was maykholim.

Despite the fact that we sat at the bar because the restaurant was gaping at the seams, coffee service was a little slow. 150% pleasant, however, and I plan to do this again immediately.

Dusty's Bistro in Los Angeles


MyLastBite said...

Thanks for this post. I haven't been in a LONG time, but will definitely get there again soon.

Food GPS said...

You've been on a tear this week. This is a pretty convincing argument for eating at Dusty's. Latkes look like an improvement on the typical store-bought English muffin.

Food, she thought. said...

I am a bit back logged, with both time from work off and a Vegas trip behind me there will be lots of posting this week.

Glad you are enjoying!

Kristine G. said...

I love how K always gets the stuffed french toast. :) She and I are stuffed french toast hoes.

It's With A K said...

I loved this place and wish it were about 70 miles south so I could enjoy it more often. I love anything sweet and bready. There are no pancakes on the menu, french toast is the next best thing. Kristine G., you would have loved it. The cheese and fruit stuffing was a nice balance with the toasted bread.

I second the writer in that the house mimosa is delicious. I quickly switched after polishing off the mistake mimosa.

FYI - my verification word was manges, which I am choosing to interpret as a derivative of mangia whether that is right or not. Very appropriate.