Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Moules Frites Truck Coming Soon

My Twittering friend Squashblossom, professor and editor of LAist, and I tweeted endlessly last week about creating a moules frites taco truck. My dreams can now come to fruition on an imaginary scale. This scale is similar to my childhood fantasy life living in a beach van parked at the edge of Malibu Beach and sleeping in a plastic sleeping bag. Malibu Barbie was my surrogate self and the edge of my best friend's swimming pool stood in for Malibu Beach.

Here is the mock up of our moules frites truck (found at Goopymart), prior to customization:

We will paint it with our French/Belgian inspired logo, and name it something like "Moules for les Masses', or "Frites pour les Gens Fous", or something along those lines, to be sure. We also plan to use these plates for our food:
However, instead of hors d'ouvres on the plate we will set styrofoam bowls of steamed moules on the large flat area. And instead of a wine glass in the hole, we will hand the plate through the window with a small newspaper cone (a la a London chip shop) filled with frites avec herbes! One side of saffron aoili for free, but several flavors to choose from for an extra $.50 per flavor.

Doesn't that sound like a sublime addition to the gastrotruck offerings here in the Southland?

I know Southern California is waiting for mobile Japanese food. Someone dreaming of this needs to print the following truck out and put it together to inspire them into seeking investors.

And because I adore all things Dia de los Meurtos, I added this to the post for the fun of it. I may drive this one around my house all October.

There is nothing more fun than dreaming big and playing with toys.


tgirl said...

I just saw the Border Grill Taco Truck in front of Mozza the other night (wait, what?). Your Frites on Firestones sounds sooo much better!

Tricerapops said...


Food, she thought. said...


I know, right? Sadly, due to the ecomomy, I cannot make it happen this year. Maybe in 2010.


Let's do a mobile food night. We will have to pre-feed D, but I think that would be a blast. What are your plans 4th weekend?

pleasurepalate said...

I'm still looking for a Filipino lechon taco truck myself. :)

Kristine G said...

I would like you to elaborate on the extra sauces. Saffron aioli = nom. What else? :)

waiter said...

this blog is cool. Thanks for it...

SAbenheim said...

Brilliant idea!