Saturday, June 27, 2009

East LA Meets Napa Friday July 10th Union Station

A press release for this upcoming event:

AltaMed Health Services will host the Fourth Annual East LA Meets Napa celebration, featuring the diversity of Latin cuisine from Los Angeles area restaurants coupled with fine wine from Latino-owned or –operated Napa wineries. Attended by more than 1,000 wine and culinary enthusiasts,East LA Meets Napa speaks to the ongoing preference among aficionados to pair wine with Latin food instead of beer or margaritas. Attendees will also enjoy entertainment and wonderful conversation in one of Los Angeles’ most historic venues – Union Station. The first official event to celebrate the pairing of wine with Latin cuisine, East LA Meets Napa has historically been a showcase for emerging wineries and culinary talents. Many of the participating business owners share an immigrant experience, with some of the winemakers working their way up from the fields. The event provides these entrepreneurs with the opportunity to come together to support AltaMed’s mission – providing quality, culturally relevant health care to underserved populations throughout Southern California. This event will sell out.

Starting at $125, Tickets can be purchased through this link at Social Domain Los Angeles.

Participating restaurants include:
Atilla The Flan
Birrieria Chalio
Casa de Moles "LaTia"
Cook's Tortas
El Portal
El Tepeyac Café
Frida Restaurant
Hacienda de San Ysidro
Homegirl Cafe
La Casita Mexicana
La Parrilla Restaurant
Palate Food & Wine
Phlight Restaurant
Porto's Bakery & Cafe
Rivera Restaurant
Tamayo Restaurant
Tila's Kitchen

Alex Sotelo Cellars
Cobblestone Vineyards
El Centauro del Norte
El Encanto Winery
Elements of Sonoma
Thrace Wines
J Lohr Vineyards & Wine
Karl Lawrence
Lucio Perez Family Vineyards
Maritas Vineyards
Mi SueñoNevarez Vineyard
Renteria Wines
Rios Wine Cellars
Robledo Vineyards
San Antonio Winery
Sequoia Grove Vineyards
Summers Estate Wines

Next week Rivera will be hosting a press preview of the event, which I plan to attend and report on. Stay tuned, eaters.

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