Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Celebrity Home Organizer Visits Gilligan's Island, Seduces Professor

Occupation/Career Path:
Professional/Small Business Owner dClutterfly Livable Organization

surfing, eating, napping and wine-ing.

courtesy of Physics of Surfing

Last meal you ate:

turkey taco lettuce wraps.

courtesy of Eating Well

Ice cream treat preference:
Anything vanilla and everything from Scoops.

courtesy of quarrygirl.com

Obama is coming to dinner! What would you serve for a 5 course meal?
1. Amazing cheeses from Cheese Store of Silverlake.
2. Simple green salad from Hollywood Farmer's market.
3. CJ's amazing with leg of lamb with mint onion reduction, again with as much from
Hollywood Farmer's Market as possible.
4. Ice Cream from Scoops.
5. Wine from Silverlake Wine. Wine is a course, right?

courtesy of Good Stuff NW

Desert island 3:
Shrimp with cocktail sauce
Grilled Mahi Mahi with Mango Salsa
Coconut Sorbet

Clearly my island is Gilligan's Island and the Professor has built me a freezer out of coconuts
and found me ketchup.

courtesy of My Looking Glass

Cooking mishap:
I once made my dad tapioca pudding and instead of a teaspoon salt I put a cup of salt
in. And bless his heart, he ate a big bowl and told me the salt helped his sour throat.

Ethnic/culinary heritage? Do you cook anything traditional to this heritage?
Celtic mutt/California native means I can make a mean enchilada casserole with a steamed artichoke and a whiskey back.

courtesy of Lost Angeles

How did you learn to cook?
Watching my grandmother then a whole bunch of trial and error.

One thing you will never eat:

courtesy of Dog Breed Info Center


1 comment:

Kristine G said...

Tangent: But didn't you guys want The Professor to end up with Maryann? I thought they made a darling couple.

And I still have to hit up scoops. After a long trek from Santa Monica to the quaint little side street Scoops is on, we were SO DISAPPOINTED they were closed. If they must close, close on a Monday to Tuesday, not a weekend! lol